Welcome to Le Souf!

Le Souf’s founders are Las Vegas locals, Caroline and Tracy. After a successful year as management consultants, they decided to take everything they were doing for other people’s business’ for themselves. When COVID-19 hit The United States, like many, Caroline and Tracy found themselves at a standstill. Afterall, there isn’t exactly a large market for management consulting when most small businesses were facing massive hardships! 

Typically working 10-12 hours a day, Caroline and Tracy were not used to all this “free time”. It was then they decided to take stock of everything that they wished their clients had done differently, all the advice they didn’t take, changes they were too stubborn to make, and do all of it themselves. In the midst of the soul searching, Le Souf was born!

Le Souf is an adaptation of the French word "The Breath", we wanted this brand to be a breath of fresh air. Bringing fresh, unique, and beautiful products into your every day. We hope you enjoy our curated collection of home, beauty, and wellness products - find joy in the little things.

Le Souf is a proud woman-owned and operated company. We have humble beginnings, but as we continue to grow and develop we will ensure that our values will grow with us. We pride ourselves in being inclusive, eco-conscious, and honest. We have partnered with Carbon-Click to offset our environmental impact as well as The Human Rights Fund which assists in the education of victims of human trafficking. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our short bio; we are looking forward to expanding on it as we continue to grow. If you are interested in following our journey and growth, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram!